Angela di Gualco is a superb life and career coach and I am pleased and honored to recommend her and endorse her coaching skills and talent! Meeting, getting to know, and working with Angela are a gift that truly keeps giving. She is a consummate listener and an extremely articulate communicator. She has a talent for bringing a calming effect over chaos; putting everyone at ease. Her patience and compassion are one of the first things that resonate from Angela. As a life coach and mentor she has guided me through the rough patches in my private, academic, and professional life. She has helped me with career decisions and I will always be grateful to her. Angela’s guidance, advice, compassion, and wisdom have given me the boost and confidence I needed to overcome difficult times and prosper.
Sherri, PA

Angela has a calming style that is a beautiful mix of listening, wisdom and compassionate support for my goals.
Susan, CT

I had the pleasure of working with Angela, and was I impressed!   Angela was patient and thorough as she helped me see my blocks and then helped me work through them.  Since our time together I have achieved 3 goals that had eluded me in the past, and I was also able to set larger goals which will allow me to continue to grow my small business.
Jim, PA

I had been searching for work for over six months with no viable leads when I reached out to Di Gualco Coaching for help. My resume had been posted on several job boards, I filled out more applications than I care to remember and had received zero interest. In fact, I had multiple rejection emails without an interview or even a phone call. I sent Angela my resume and she assisted me in optimizing it to be more appealing to potential employers. Additionally, she provided me several tips on everything from what employers are looking for in resumes, language best suited to gaining a call back and how to polish my online professional profiles. Within a week of putting out my new resume and exercising the advice I received I had multiple interviews lined up with companies I was excited to work for and I accepted an offer a month after the whole process started. Working with Angela not only resulted in an offer of employment, it boosted my morale and my confidence as well after months of fruitless searching. I highly recommend choosing Di Gualco Coaching for assistance when seeking either new employment or a career change.
Joel, OR

Angela is my miracle! I am horrible at creating resumes and finding the current buzz words needed to catch someone’s attention. In less than a weekend, she was able to take my sad resume and make it into the best one I’ve ever had. Within a week of applying with the new resume, I had 2 job interviews and I accepted a job offer from one of those companies! She is HIGHLY recommended.
Amy, TX

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