How Coaching Works

A life coach works with people to co-create a vision for the future and develop a plan to achieve it. Along the way, they identify and replace beliefs and thoughts that get in the way. And a coach helps clients adjust to success!

Changes Ahead

What kinds of things do people work on in coaching?
People can benefit from working with a coach on just about anything. Whether it is a specific goal such as career change or advancement, getting in shape or managing a health-related challenge, or assistance with weathering life’s transitions with more intention, finding passion and living dreams, a coach can help!

How long does coaching last?
There is no standard length for coaching which often depends on what the client wants to work on. Initially, coaches and clients agree to work together for 3 months or 12 sessions, talking once per week via phone.

How does this differ from therapy?
Therapy typically seeks to understand what experiences have shaped the client. Therapists work with clients to heal past wounds or manage mental illness. Coaching can work in conjunction with therapy or where therapy isn’t needed.

Still unsure how coaching works?
That’s not surprising. Let’s revisit the questions from the homepage for some more concrete answers.

Do you know what you want, but don’t know how to get it?
I can help you develop a realistic, achievable, step-by-step plan for accomplishing your goals.

Is fear or self-doubt getting in the way?
Using a variety of tools, assessments, and techniques, I can help you recognize and replace the thoughts and beliefs that limit you.

Does time seem to be working against you?
Identifying what you are saying yes to instead of no, recognizing why you are making these choices, will start you down the path of better time management.

Do you lack a vision for your future or the present?
I can help you create a vibrant, detailed vision that will motivate and energize you.

Core Energy CoachingTM
As a core energy coach, I help people realize their optimal potential by aligning outer goals with their passion and inner purpose resulting in sustainable, spectacular results!

I believe that everyone has the answers they seek inside themselves. I work with individuals and groups to tap into their innate wisdom and discover what they want and how best to obtain it while removing obstacles and becoming their best selves along the way!

Still uncertain? Contact me to schedule a complimentary introductory session! Bring your curiosity, openness, questions about coaching, and a small, discrete problem or issue to work on and experience the power of coaching for yourself.

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