Getting Out of Analysis Paralysis

Like me, I’m sure many of you have experienced getting stuck when you have an important decision to make. You want to make the best possible choice and agonize over the options. When you find yourself unable to move forward because you are going over the pros and cons again and again, you’re in analysisContinue reading “Getting Out of Analysis Paralysis”

Challenging Thoughts – Part II

Changing Thoughts and BeliefsKnowing where thoughts and beliefs come from can facilitate the process of change, but it isn’t necessary. Sometimes, the need to know can hamper the change process. However, if you want to do some exploring try the following. Whatever answers you find, it is important to remember that these thoughts and beliefsContinue reading “Challenging Thoughts – Part II”

Challenging Thoughts – Part I

As a professor, I was always trying to impress upon my students how our own life experiences frame our understanding of a work of literature. This became clear in our discussions about the literary works we read in class. There can be as many different opinions about the meaning of a literary work as thereContinue reading “Challenging Thoughts – Part I”

Unexpectedly Unemployed? Don’t Panic!

Being let go from your job is a horrible feeling. It can be terrifying when your life is suddenly turned upside down. Any future plans you have fly out the window.  Worries surround you. It’s only natural that you want to jump into a job search to try to find another job as quickly asContinue reading “Unexpectedly Unemployed? Don’t Panic!”

Change is a Process

Everyone has heard the platitude, “change is hard,” but not everyone really thinks about just how difficult change is. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight understands it isn’t just about portion control. Lasting change often requires changing our thoughts as well as our habits. Why is that? Habits are behaviors that require no conscious thoughtContinue reading “Change is a Process”

Help for the Tumultuous Teen Years

Most young people have to deal with painful problems. Your best friend is moving. Your parents are getting divorced. Your grandmother is dying. We all struggle with these events but young people have a tougher time adjusting and adapting. There are a number of reasons for this. First, you may not always understand what isContinue reading “Help for the Tumultuous Teen Years”

Simple Living

Life is simple but it’s not easy.  Making the best or right choice in the moment can be hampered by many things.  Peer pressure, emotions, physical comfort, and limiting thoughts and beliefs about our worthiness can have us taking the easy route every time.  Remembering what is important and reminding ourselves that we deserve theContinue reading “Simple Living”

Cultivating Happiness

In today’s complicated world with all the strife, tragedy and (let’s get real) bullshit, it is not unusual to feel helpless, outraged, depressed or overwhelmed. Life is full of challenges and it is not easy to stand up against society, the government, or even our boss. There are so many things, great and small, thatContinue reading “Cultivating Happiness”